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Implementation Services

We provide world-class planning, implementation, data migration, and project facility control for mission critical applications for medium to large organizations.

Industry Solutions

PES provides a wide pool of enterprise solutions tailored for Corporate & Cooperative Banking, Accounting, ERP, CRM, Education, Manufacturing, and Retail Industry.

Put Customers First

We believe that a proper understanding of client requirement is the de-facto. We value our clients and are always eager to listen, assist, act, and deliver.

Complain Solution

Our solutions are already compliant with the industry standards. We develop software solutions that meet and comply to the complex industry standard regulatory policies.

Core Banking Solution

PES is the strategic banking solution parter of SAB. From day one, SAB has been designed to satisfy the requirements of banks transacting business in all client areas : private individuals, small businesses, companies and large multi-nationals.

Designed to a modular concept, the SAB solution features a broad functional coverage embracing Front Office, Back Office and transverse steering and reporting functions.

The solution is :

  • Multi-establishment and multi-branch,
  • Multi-account plan,
  • Multi-language (latin & non-latin alphabets),
  • Multi-currency,
  • Multi-channel,

It incorporates detailed and user-friendly parameters, allowing establishments to customise their operations and pricing policies.

SAB software is designed and managed on an industial scale :

  • A single version for all clients and all languages,
  • A new version upgrade distributed to clients under the standard maintenance program, every 18-24 months,
  • A totally automated version change-over, including the transfer of existing data,
  • Functionally and technically fully upgradable, due to the architecture and the design and development features specifically incorporated by SAB.
SAB 2i

For more information, vist SAB website

SAMIC Private & Custodian Banking

SAMIC is the integrated solution for Private Banking and Securities management. SAMIC is the Private Banking market leader in France and Monaco. For the past 4 years, all banks starting up in Monaco have chosen SAMIC.

A full and modular banking solution for private banks, incorporating Credit, Savings, Payment and Treasury functions plus the following Securities offer :

  • Own investment portfolio management : management of the various transaction, placement and investment portfolios, with full accounting schemes and adapted fiscality.
  • Client securities custody management : standard management, advising or mandate-based ; the officer can work externally to the establishment.
  • The SAMIC solution is used to either directly manage the bank custody or as a local or global custodian.

For more information, vist SAB website

Open Source

We provide support, training, and implementation services of the following open source projects:

  • PostgreSQL Server
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • CentOS
  • FreeBSD

Data Processing

PES is one of the most renowned IT companies of Nepal, providing state-of-the art data processing solutions. Not only we provide highly accurate output, we are also more affordable than other data processing companies. We do an extensive quality testing of the data before sending it back to the client. We store the assignments on our highly efficient datacenters to protect your data from possible disaster.

The lifecycle of data processing:

  1. We receive a new project consisting of files we need to process. Each file is assigned a BatchId and uploaded to database.
  2. A customized software is developed accordingly to process data, online or offline.
  3. Data entry assistants (DEA) log in to the system and enter data.
  4. A proof reader (PR) is assigned to 5-10 DEAs each to make corrections and ensure accuracy of the work done by their DEAs.
  5. A quality controller (QC) is assigned to 5-10 PRs each to check the correctness of data.
  6. Depending upon the previously inserted values and dictionary check, the system raises an alert on possible typography error or mistake, which is then presented to manager who makes the final decision to approve or reject the batch.
  7. Our data mining department then makes the necessary arrangement to convert the data to the format in Excel, Access, Lotus, Query or any format requested by our client at the beginning of the project.
  8. A full audit trail of data received, processed, and delivered is maintained on our repository for at least for 2 years for worst case scenario. After that, we archive the data in DVD and hard drive and send them to our library. For some customers, we delete the data as soon as we provide the delivery.
  9. After delivering the completed project to our client, we generally ask their feedback on the accuracy of the job we had done.

Why PES?

PES has adequate infrastructure and human resources to tackle the job we receive. Rather than making assumptions, we help our customers by listening to what exactly their requirements are. We believe that we must be very precise and cost-effective in order to get a recurring business. We deliver 95%+ accuracy.

Want a Quote?

If you want to get an estimate for your project, please contact us. We need to know the following information to provide you an accurate estimate:

  • Data sample of each batch.
  • Volume of each batch.
  • Delivery methods and turn-around-time.
  • Special instructions (if any).

We would love to hear about your requirements and foresee a long term association with you.

Customized Solutions

  • CAS
    Cooperative Accounting Solution, or simply "CAS", comes in two editions: CAS Express & CAS Standard. Along with the general functions, CAS provides a fully compliant regulatory cooperative banking reports such as Char Khata and Maskebari .
  • Lotus BankSys
    Lotus BankSys has a lot of exciting features which no other cooperative banking solution has. It also has an improved policy workflow engine which helps administer accounts, loans, deposits, and general ledgers on the fly.
  • Quick ERP
    Quick ERP® is a web based ERP solution trusted by hundreds of satisfied clients. Written in C# and powered by PostgreSQL database, Quick ERP® integrates Accounting, Sales, Purchase, POS, CRM, Manufacting, and Warehouse management. With Quick ERP®, it's easy and fun to use accounting software again !

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Planet Earth Solutions, 5th Floor, Shreeraj Bhavan, Tinkune, Kathmandu. Tel/Fax: (01) 4465030 4465142 4465143 4485284.

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