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Everest Core Banking Solution

Banking systems are expected to meet market changes for digital access, and product wise capabilities, offering rich functionality that complies with the latest regulations while delivering flexibility and robustness. Everest CBS® covers the full spectrum of banking operations, from Accounts and Loan management to Payments, on a single platform. We have tried to ensure that Everest CBS® will be the one-place solution to all your needs.


Our Core Banking Solution delivers an optimum user experience focused on intuitive navigation, coupled with proven and powerful product wise capabilities. It also has a sophisticated layered design over a modular architecture. The Banking solution meets all the competition challenges for financial institutions not only in terms of expanding their business offering, but also catering to superior customer service. Everest Core Banking Solution incorporates all the Banking functions on one single platform, front-to-back, making it a complete Core Banking software package. The Banking solution ensures a high degree of automation, risk-free deployment, full security system coverage, ease of use and low-cost operations. It is the ideal, flexible ready-to-use system specially tailored made for Nepalese Co-operative firms all across Nepal.

Why choose Everest CBS by Planet Earth Solutions?

With 15 years of knowledge and experience in the field of Nepalese Banking sector Everest Core Banking Solution® was built on vast experience in banking operations, proven business and products & full awareness of the past and current banking culture of Nepal. It is an easily configurable, componentized and scalable core banking solution, to meet the needs of various banking products. We really think you as a consumer will not get disappointed choosing us but rather be delighted with products and the services we offer.

Key Product Features & Functionalities

Core Banking Module The platform where communication technology and information technology are merged to address the essential demands of banking is referred to as Core Banking Solution. Our core banking system is built around a centralized database that provides integrated banking functionality and authority, allowing the company's headquarters to create Accounts and Product-parameters that are inherited by all branch locations. This enables corporate offices to provide aggregated customer, account, and transaction information that can be utilized and can be profited by branches across the country.

IBT (Inter-Branch Transaction) Our IBT module is one of our best features used for seamless and accurate inter-branch banking. All the transactions which are being posted in one branch are simultaneously being updated in the corresponding branch.

Dashboard Overview A user-based customizable single page dashboard that provides a real-time user interface, displaying a graphical representation of Charts and widgets. While also showing the metric presentation of an organization's key performance indicators in order to enable immediate and informed decisions to be taken at a look.

No Third Party License Threats

You are protected from any type of third party license difficulties since Everest CBS® was created utilizing the most recent open source technology. Which implies that there won't be any hidden costs or lawsuits after implementation.


ASP.NET® Everest CBS® is developed using ASP.NET, which is an open source web-development framework developed by Microsoft ® Corporation. PostgreSQL® Everest CBS® relies on PostgreSQL® for data management. "The most advanced open source database in the world." Developed and marketed by Enterprise DB. PES Reporting Engine The HTML Reporting Engine from Planet Earth Solution is our in-house reporting engine developed to make HTML reporting rapid, secure, and efficient. Robust Security System Everest CBS® uses complex encryption and hashing methods, back-end triggers, base-class authentication, authorizing, and session state management, authorized Web Services, secure TCP/IP connections, URL restrictions, Access controlled database read-write authority, SQL & HTML injection protection, customized error handling, and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Cross Platform Compatibility Everest CBS® makes use of the Mono Framework, which allows it to operate on any OS platform, including Windows®, OSX®, and other Linux-based distributions while also being able to run seamlessly on all major browsers such as Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome®, Mozilla Firefox®, Safari®, Opera®, etc.